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Panzerwrecks Vol. 21
Art.Nr.: 9781908032171
Autoren: Lee Archer & Darren Neely

Texte in Englischer Sprache, jedoch sehr wenig Text - im Grunde nur Bildunterschriften..

Die Panzerwrecks-Reihe enthält großformatige Bilder von zerstörten oder erbeuteten deutschen Panzern und gepanzerten Fahrzeugen. Eine Fundgrube für den Panzermodellbauer.

Inhalt: Panther Ausf. G - Panther Ausf. D - Panzer IV Ausf. J - Tiger II - Sturmgeschütz III und IV - Jagdpanzer IV - Jagdpanther - Jagdtiger - Hetzer - Sd.KfZ 251 - Sd.KfZ 250 - NSU Springer - Tiger I - Panzerjäger LrS 7,5 cm Pak 40/1 - Zugkraftwagen 12t

Lee Archer: ""All photographs are not created equal." I have wanted to say that for a long time. Like the other books in the series, Panzerwrecks 21 draws an diverse sources: museums, archives, veterans and private collections. Some images are razor sharp scans from negatives held in archival storage, others have spent their life at the bottom of a kit bag, damp basement or attic. Whatever the source, it's the content that is king, not the fidelity. If the only available photo is poorly exposed and badly scanned, then I do my best to make it look presentable, so that details are obvious and marks such as dust and scratches do not detract from the subject. I try to avoid actively manipulating the photo to cover major marks and blemishes as this then wanders into the realm of fabricating information.
My co-author for this book is Darren Neely, a talented military photo researcher, whose knack for finding images is seemingly unsurpassed. I tip my chapeau to you Darren for finding the gems in this book and for your calm demeanor while working with me. While the hat is being tipped, I must thank all the people mentioned in the contributors list. Without their photos, time, and expertise this would be a much less interesting book.
To sum up we have it all here in Panzerwrecks 21; big tanks, little tanks, common tanks and rare tanks. Bon appetit!"
Paperbackeinband im Großformat (quer) mit 96 Seiten und zahlreichen Abbildungen.
Neubuch aus dem Panzerwrecks Verlag, 2017.

Gewicht: 470 Gramm
22,00 EUR
incl. 7 % UST zzgl.
Panzerwrecks Vol. 21

Panzerwrecks Vol. 21

Panzerwrecks Vol. 21

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