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Luftwaffe im Focus, Edition No. 30

Luftwaffe im Focus, Edition No. 30
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Battleship Bismarck 1936-1941 - Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual

Battleship Bismarck 1936-1941 - Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

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Art.Nr.: 9780857335098
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Verlag: Haynes
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Autor: Angus Konstam

An insight into the design, construction and operation of Germany's most famous and feared battleship.

Buch in englischer Sprache (language english).

When the German battleship Bismarck entered service in the summer of 1940 she was the most powerful war machine ever produced by Nazi Germany, and arguably the most powerful modern battleship in the world. German propagandists dubbed her unsinkable, as she was better protected than almost any other warship afloat. While other battleships had larger or more numerous guns, Bismarck represented the near-perfect Balance between firepower, speed and protection. She was also a ship that even her opponents regarded with awe. One British adversary described her as being `black, massive, beautiful - the most marvellous-looking warship that I or any of us had ever seen'. During the dark days of late 1940 and early 1941, as Great Britain fought for her very existence, Bismarck became the Royal Navy's ultimate nemesis. The saga of her Brief but eventful career is one of the most dramatic sea stories to emerge from the Second World War. In May 1941 she sank the British battlecruiser HMS Hood, pride of the Royal Navy, and broke out into the vastness of the Atlantic. What followed was an epic sea chase, where the might of Britain's navy was called upon to pursue the Bismarck, and avenge the Hood. The Haynes Battleship Bismarck Manual not only gives a vivid account of this celebrated naval campaign, but it also provides a behind-the-scenes look at what lite was Ilke an board Bismarck, describes how she was designed and built, manned and operated, and examines her fighting potential. Fully illustrated with more than 240 photographs and line drawings, the Haynes Battleship Bismarck Manual gives a vivid insight into Germany's greatest war machine.

  • Introduction
  • The Bismarck story: Background – Design – Building - Launching and fitting-out Sea trials
  • The Bismarck at war: Background - Operation Rheinübung begins - The Battle of the Denmark Strait - The pursuit - The night battle - Götterdämmerung
  • The anatomy of the Bismarck: General description of the ship – Orientation - Hull construction Protection – Propulsion – Armament - Fire control – Aircraft – Sensors - Other equipment
  • Life an board: Crew numbers - Command structure - Shipboard organisation - Berthing arrangements - Catering Messing - Watch system
  • Combat potential: Main guns - Secondary guns - Gunnery fire control - Damage control
  • The wreck of the Bismarck: Discovery of the wreck - Examination of Bismarck - The sinking process reconstructed - Controversial questions (scuttled or sunk?)
  • Index
Hardcovereinband im Großformat mit 157 Seiten und zahlreichen Abbildungen.
Neubuch aus dem Haynes Verlag.

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Battleship Bismarck 1936-1941 - Haynes Owners Workshop ManualBattleship Bismarck 1936-1941 - Haynes Owners Workshop Manual


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